Studio Visit with Jaime Brett Treadwell

by Genevive ZacconiPosted on

While preparing for his upcoming solo show at Mirus Gallery in San Francisco, artist Jaime Brett Treadwell took the time to give Hi-Fructose a tour of his new studio location in Philadelphia, where he’s embarked upon his latest series of paintings.

Though the brightly colored, busy canvases may at first glance appear to be abstract works, they are instead representational paintings of fanciful plasticine structures set amid dramatic landscapes. Inspired by an appreciation for sculpture, Jaime, a Three-Dimensional Design teacher, meticulously renders these architectural forms—approaching his subject matter as if to objectively depict a bizarre yet spatially correct, naturally occurring scene. The arrangements are infused with pop culture imagery, as celebrity portraits, 1980s commercial illustrations and recreations of religious paintings make cameos amongst the scenery. Skillfully combining the naive with high art, modern kitsch is contrasted by enlightened decision-making, precise lighting and sophisticated compositions, creating a one of a kind aesthetic. Check out more photos after the jump and keep up with Jaime on his website.

Work in progress in Treadwell’s studio.

Work in progress

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