Lilli Hill’s Paintings of Brash Women Test the Notion of Obscenity

by Amelia Taylor-HochbergPosted on

The ladies exposing themselves in Lilli Hill’s paintings are mostly big and almost always brash, posing nude in the evacuated context of a formal portrait. Hill paints the great, creamy rolls of her fleshy women with impressive detail, and the expressions and postures are poised to convey a hearty defiance and flirtatiousness — whether embracing a minotaur, decapitating roosters, or channeling Rubens. That defiant gaze makes the ladies’ portraits both difficult to look away from and a lighthearted study of disgust and curiosity. Some of the later portraits follow a more surreal tone, incorporating illusions and costume, but the playfulness (and the fleshiness) remains. Hill’s paintings will be on display March 13-16 at KK Galerie’s booth for the art fair Karlsruhe 2014 in Rheinstetten, Germany.

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