Opening Night: PRISMA Collective 2nd Annual Group Show at WWA Gallery

by Amelia Taylor-HochbergPosted on

NC Winters

PRISMA Collective celebrated the opening for its second exhibition at WWA Gallery this past Saturday in Culver City. Founded in 2011 by painter and curator Kaspian Shore, the international collective of thirty artists works mostly in the domain of painting, digital art, drawing, illustration and sculpture. Their work on display at WWA Gallery is bound together not by a singular style, but by a kindred fascination with the natural and animal world. Many of the pieces, a smattering of focused portraits approaching the illustrated reality of Grimm’s fairy tales, convey the whimsicality of a complete child’s storybook. The single image or sculpture becomes a stand-in for an entire narrative arc.

A relatively small space, the WWA Gallery nearly overflows with pieces — some walls are nearly plastered, while others are given a bit more room to breathe, with a single thread of paintings. The crowd was a healthy cross-section of those walking around downtown Culver City on a Saturday night, ranging in age from early 20s to middle-aged — not exactly an obvious audience given the youthful and fantastical subject matter.

NC Winters with his work

JAW Cooper

JAW Cooper with her work

Zach Montoya

Nicole Gustafsson

Hsiao Ron Cheng

Caitlin Hackett

Bec Winnel

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