Opening Night: Olek and Jet Martinez at White Walls Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

White Walls Gallery in San Francisco recently opened side-by-side solo shows by two artists who reference crafting techniques in their fine art practices: Olek and Jet Martinez. Titled after a line from The Little Prince, Olek’s “I Haven’t a Single Explorer on My Planet” is an immersive installation in the gallery’s project space. Visitors were invited to remove their shoes and enter the floor-to-ceiling crocheted room, which contained a crocheted boat complete with a sail made out of multi-colored doilies. Olek explained that the boat was an intended symbol for freedom and the ability of the individual to create his or her own happiness. When times get tough, you can either sink or sail triumphantly forward.

Jet Martinez’s “City of Eternal Springtime” is a series of paintings that reference the embroidery and textile patterns from the artist’s hometown of Cuernavaca, Mexico. Painted with delicate, tear-drop shaped lines, the works focus on floral patterns reminiscent of folk art. In some of the pieces, Martinez ventures into more abstract territory as the organic shapes evolve into geometric arrangements of color.

Both shows will be on view at White Walls gallery through March 8. Take a look at some of our exclusive opening night photos below.

Olek and Jet Martinez

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