Dan Witz on the Streets of Rome

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Dan Witz recently arrived in Rome and embarked on a series of street art projects on the days leading up to his solo show at Wunderkammern, “Public and Confidential” (previewed here). A deft photorealist painter, Witz investigates collective behavior and the boundaries between what we consider public and private. For his latest street installations, Witz affixed grates and windows to doorways and facades on the streets of Rome, hiding confrontational portraits behind the fixtures to surprise passersby. Giorgio Coen Cagli went along for the journey and brought us this photo series of Witz at work.

“Public and Confidential” will be on view at Wunderkammern September 28 through November 16.

Photos courtesy of Giorgio Coen Cagli.

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