On View: “Cash, Cans, & Candy” at Galerie Ernst Hilger

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Stinkfish on the streets of Vienna

Currently on view at Galerie Ernst Hilger‘s two exhibition spaces, Hilger NEXT and HilgerBROTKunsthalle in Vienna, Austria, the street art mega-show “Cash, Cans, & Candy” brings together a huge variety of international street art talent, including Shepard Fairey, Vinz Feel Free, DAL East, ROA, RETNA, FAILE, Faith47 and many others. In addition to the prodigious gallery exhibition, many of the artists took to the streets while in town and left a trail of large-scale murals behind. The exhibition opened on June 1 and will be on view through September 14 with many special events planned throughout the summer. Take a look at some of the show pieces and murals below, images courtesy of Galerie Hilger.

The complete artist line-up includes: Michael Anderson (USA), Beran/Henz (A), Broken Fingaz (IL), Bumblebee (USA), Robbie Conal (USA), DALEast (ZA), Etam Cru (PL), Alessandra Exposito (MX), Faile (USA), Faith47 (ZA), Shepard Fairey (USA), Amir H. Fallah (USA), Christine Finley (USA), Ben Frost (AU), Vasilena Gankovska (BG), Gola (IT), H101 (ES), Lia Halloran (USA), David Istvan (H), Jaz (AR), Kenor (ES), Ai Kijima (USA/JP), Kryot (A), Lies Maculan (A), Brian McKee (USA), Meapi (A), Moneyless (IT), Mark Mulroney (USA), NeSpoon, (PL), Markus Oberndorfer (A), Brandon Opalka (USA), La Pandilla (PR), El Pez (ES), PERFEKT WORLD (A), Pure Evil (GB), Retna (USA), ROA (BE), Michelle Rogers (USA), Sonke (GR), The Stencil Network (PR/USA), Stinkfish (CO), Lisa Marie Thalhammer (USA), Stephen Tompkins (USA), Laura Ortiz Vega (MX), Vinz Feel Free (ES), Dan Witz (USA), YOTTO (A) and Zosen y Mina (ES)

FAILE on the streets

Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey and Faith47 on the streets of Vienna

Vinz Feel Free



DAL East

Dan Witz

Lisa Marie Thalhammer

Robbie Conal

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