Studio Visit with Matt Buck

by Genevive ZacconiPosted on

While hard at work on a brand new series of paintings, Matt Buck invited Hi-Fructose into his studio space inside of Sacred Tattoo in NYC. Though currently focused on fine art and tattooing, Matt has made a name for himself with notable illustration projects, including the Hemlock Grove graphic novels, rapper Jay-Z’s autobiography and the cover of Chuck Palahniuk’s latest book. This strong background in commercial art carries over into Buck’s oil paintings through eye catching compositions and captivating color pairings. With his latest collection of otherworldly portraits, bodies disassemble as if parts of an organic puzzle of flesh and flora. Adorned with Renaissance costuming and painted in a classical style, each piece is a glimpse of old world aesthetic with a science fiction twist. View the complete body of work at his upcoming solo show at Last Rites Gallery, opening June 29, and check out some behind-the-scenes photos below.

Work by Mark DeMaio hangs in Sacred’s gallery area

Photographs by Lars Krutak on display at Sacred Tattoo

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