Opening Night: James Jean’s “Parallel Lives” at Tilton Gallery

by JL SchnabelPosted on

Last week, highly acclaimed artist James Jean (HF Vol.15 cover artist) opened “Parallel Lives,” his second solo show in NYC at Tilton gallery. Opening to a large crowd of eager fans who snaked around the outside of the building in anticipation, the show exhibited a menagerie of works including drawings, paintings and works that included 3-dimensional elements. The diversity of his works subtly echoes the title of the show, as Jean creates within a range of media while retaining a core aesthetic that is distinctly recognizable as his. The dreamy quality and narrative fairy-tale like works engage the viewers with their bold sizes, vivid, psychedelic color choices while still appearing intimate and familiar. Take a look at more of the work and exclusive opening night photos below.

Artist Kukula

Artist Jeremy Hush

Artist Joe Sorren (right)

Artists Michael Michael Motorcycle and Paul Romano

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