Marco Mazzoni and Joseph Park at Roq la Rue Opening Night Photos

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In the first show of the fall season at Roq la Rue, great things are afoot in Joseph Park and Marco Mazzoni’s (HF Vol. 20 cover artist) two-person exhibition which opened last Friday. The fifteen pieces in Marco Mazzoni’s “River of Milk” exhibition expands on the artist’s repertoire by exploring three different subject matters. “The Pathetics” pieces are a continuation of what we normally would expect from Mazzoni’s colored pencil masterpieces. Colorful flora and winged animals cover a female face with just enough exposed to elicit an emotional response from the viewer. “Muses” examines a similar subject matter, using women from fiction and mythology like Ophelia and Medusa. The final works, titled “The Encyclopedia of Impossible Animals”, is somewhat different than the others. Penciled on moleskin, the pieces look like they could have been torn from Charles Darwin’s sketch book as he explored the islands of another world where the normal laws of nature didn’t apply.

Marco Mazzoni and Joseph Park

Marco Mazzoni

In Joseph Park’s “Pureheart,” many of the paintings are the artist’s interpretations of older works or photographs by other artists. He nicknamed this style of painting as “Prismism,” which immediately makes sense when you first lay eyes on his work. The smooth edges and soft backgrounds which one would normally expect from a portrait or landscape have been replaced with a kaleidoscope of color and geometric shapes. The many layers of oil combine to create striking renditions of normal objects and people. Park buffs out the top layers of varnish, creating a finish that is almost glass-like and smooth to the touch.

The opening night was a splendid affair with a large crowd and both artists in attendance. The show can be seen until November 3 at Roq La Rue in Seattle. — Robbie Lowery

Joseph Park

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