Lola’s “Haro” at CHG Circa Opening Night Photos

by Stephanie ChefasPosted on

Recently, CHG Circa presented their inaugural exhibit “Haro,” the latest collection of work by pop surrealist Lola. With “Haro,” the artist’s work takes on a more personal approach as it illustrates the recent sacrifices she made to obtain her wants and desires. Having relocated to the United Kingdom not to long ago, the L.A. native says, “These paintings are reminders of what it means to chase a dream. I decided one year ago to change everything I know about comfort, leave my Los Angeles home, and save all I can to move myself and my girls to a cozy setting in England.” Her paintings, saturated with surreal symbolism and charming narratives, explore themes of discovery, hope, and finding one’s voice despite life’s challenges.  View more photos by Sam Graham from opening night below. — Stephanie Chefas

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