Great West Coast Migration Opening in Seattle’s Roq la Rue Gallery

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Vintage by Gale Hart

Normally we have to wait until the middle of August for the official Shark Week on cable television. But thanks to PangeaSeed, you can get off your couch and into a gallery or theater for your shark fix, a whole month early. PangeaSeed is using art in a variety of forms to spread awareness and contribute to the preservation of sharks and their habitat. With over 100 artists, the Great West Coast Migration is a touring art show and film festival that will be stopping in six cities down the west coast of the U.S. this summer.

The show started in Seattle on July 13th at Roq la Rue. PangeaSeed’s Tre Packard was on hand with several volunteers to hold a raffle and sell shark merch, including limited art prints and t-shirts for the cause. About forty of the 100 artists had a contribution on hand including a vibrant and flowing piece by Greg Simkins. Victor Castillo contributed two graphite sketches in his usual political satire style, and Craig ‘Tapecat’ McCudden’s scratchboard works had the crowd leaning in close to register the detail. A few of the artists were on hand to talk about their pieces and a costumed shark showed up at the end to test the waters.

From Seattle, the show traveled to Portland and San Francisco is next, continuing south over the next few weeks. Be sure to check out the PangeaSeed site for more info on when the migration will hit your town.
Written by Robbie Lowery

Living Treasure by Courtney Mattison

Shark Love by Olek

Shark Fin Soup by Remo Camerota

Royal Bull by Caspian de Looze

Smoke On The Water by Victor Castillo

Sametan Custom Designs

The Warmth of Vengeance is Soup for the Soul by Nathan Paul Gibbs

The Warmth of Vengeance is Soup for the Soul (detail) by Nathan Paul Gibbs

Michael Alm

Instant Karma by Kelly Allen

Jessica McCourt

FINS by Nao Harada

Feeders by Greg Simkins

We All Go Down With The Ship by Derek Nobbs

Shark Cake by Scott Hove

Lucky Strike by Robert Bowen

Shark by Laura Ball

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