The Sculptures of Tony Tasset

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I’ve always loved road-side attractions and restaurant mascot characters. Especially fond when the characters, usually a burger-faced man or knife-wielding pig, voraciously devours itself. And don’t get me started on my affection for lobster bibs. These very fiberglass effigies are pure American, and they dart our landscape like castles strewn around the English country-side. But nothing I’ve ever seen could prepare me for Tony Tasset’s “Hot Dog Man.” He’s a urine-dripping pork bi-product monster. He is what you eat, just follow the mustard trail to this over-stuffed, shriveled testicle smile with the Robert Crumb-esque “Keep on Trucking” Stance.” Tasset’s other works, playing on emoticons as threat levels and garbage heaps, are equally fantastic, bold and humorous. Take a look at “Hot Dog Man” and a few other works below.

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