Sylvia Ji’s “Gilded Roses”

by Stephanie ChefasPosted on

On December 17th, Corey Helford Gallery presented “Gilded Roses”, the fourth solo exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist Sylvia Ji. “Gilded Roses” unveils a collection of twelve new paintings referencing Elizabethan and Victorian costume design. Each piece explores the intricate details of lace, silk, feathers and ornate accessories illustrating the fashions of a bygone era. Seductive females embodying virtues of beauty, strength and power are highlighted in Ji’s signature crimson palette alongside several works in deep amethyst and emerald hues. 

Standing out amongst these compelling figures were “La Fee Verte” and “White Cravat”. Inspired by the spirit of Victorian bohemian culture, “La Fee Verte” evokes a heightened state of natural elegance while “White Cravat” introduces an androgynous portrait reminiscent of the romanticism of a Byron poem. Overall, this latest body of work is arguably Ji’s strongest to date capturing beauty in its rarest form. “Gilded Roses” is on display through January 14th, 2012. – Stephanie Chefas

See our recent studio visit with the artist here.

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