“As It Falls Over You” – Opening Night at Thinkspace

by Stephanie ChefasPosted on

Linnea Strid and Nathan DeYoung

On December 10th, Thinkspace presented “As It Falls Over You”, a duo show with the fresh talents of photorealist artists Nathan DeYoung and Linnea Strid. The show includes 10 new photo-realist paintings by each artist bursting with color and theme. Strid’s self-portraits feature the artist submerged in water, the depictions so vivid you feel wet just looking at them. Each piece resonates with melancholy, mortality, loneliness and anxiety. In addition to her signature electric hues, the artist showcases two black & white paintings that simultaneously evokes a cinematic quality while heightening the human emotions within each piece. DeYoung’s first solo exhibit with the gallery highlights concepts of strength and desire via flawless renderings of feminine allure saturated with vibrant hues. This latest body of work also offers DeYoung’s first abstract works–intense, palpable energy on display in every brushstroke.

Leontine Greenberg

Showing in the project room is the solo debut of Leontine Greenberg entitled “Specimens” plus new mixed media works in the office space by David Cooley entitled “Rhythmic Nonsense”.  Continuing upon themes based on technology and nature examined in previous works, Greenberg also touches upon the general aura of artifice and theatricality that permeates an industry driven town like Los Angeles. Inspired by textile patterns, Cooley incorporates fabric, paper cut-outs and acrylic paint to create his three dimensional effects. – Stephanie Chefas

David Cooley

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