Ryan Heshka and Femke Hiemstra at Roq la Rue

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Ryan Heshka

The cold and rain didn’t dampen spirits one bit for the opening of Ryan Heshka‘s “Instinction” (previewed here) and Femke Hiemstra‘s “The Timid Cabbage” (previewed here) at the Roq la Rue Gallery on November 11th. Both artists are displaying new works that are advancing their abilities with Heshka’s vividly distinctive mix of contrasting colors and Hiemstra’s extremely detailed graphite drawings.

Using a poem aptly titled “The Timid Cabbage” by Seattle artist Charles Krafft, Hiemstra has illustrated eleven pieces, each with a quatrain detailing the adventures of a cabbage-come-to-life in true fairy-tale fashion. Each quatrain is elegantly hand written by Hiemstra on the mat framing the drawing and details the dreaming cabbage’s escape from a mundane life toiling the fields, his journey to far off lands, and finally to his ascension as a heavenly body.

Ryan Heshka once again delves into a world influenced by the sci-fi of the 1940’s and 50’s, and explores thoughts about technology and architecture. Rather than have you believe you’re looking onto another world, Heshka’s paintings hint that they are indeed based on Earth, perhaps an altered timeline where the government and society in general has gone too far in experimenting with improving life. Some of these experiments have created building sized monsters while others seem bent on controlling the populace and turning them into non questioning zombies. 

- Robbie Lowery

The exhibition will be on display until December 3rd at Roq la Rue 2312 2nd Ave. Seattle, WA 98121

Charles Krafft

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