Joao Ruas’ “Yore” – Opening Night

by CaroPosted on

‘YORE’ is the new collection of artwork by Brazilian born artist Joao Ruas, debuted at Thinkspace Gallery last weekend.  The show’s title is defined as “long ago and former times,” referring to a Greek mythological theme traced back to the artist’s creative development.  As a child, Ruas was left to his own devices and crayons, working his way in an out of animation studios, and eventually back to San Paulo. The experience of viewing Ruas’ work is that of stumbling upon secret drawings, relics from a deserted memoir. ‘YORE’ includes meticulously sorted concepts and drawings, depicting figures and mythological animal studies.  A unique addition is beautifully hand painted ostrich eggs, inspired by Black-figure pottery of ancient Greece.

Adding her own element of fantasy to the show is ‘Here Be Dragons’ by Andrea Offermann.  Her woodblock-like paintings are of vast mysterious landscapes that expose hidden beasts.  One gets easily entranced by this fabled combination of Ruas and Offerman’s work. ‘YORE’ by Joao Ruas exhibits at Thinkspace gallery, from November 5 – November 26, 2011. – Caro

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