Premium Camping at No Charge by Blaine Fontana and Zach Johnsen

by Robbie LoweryPosted on

Blaine Fontana and Zach Johnsen

The Arbor Collective, a company well known for their snow and skateboards, has amassed an impressive list of contributing artists since the company started in 1995. Two of these artists, Blaine Fontana and Zach Johnsen, were commissioned by Arbor to showcase their artistic and design abilities in a collaborative effort, with “Premium Camping at No Charge” as the result. Along with a wall of the snow and skateboards that Blaine and Zach have designed, there are three pieces of art that they both contributed to, but the star of the show is a floor to ceiling modular installation. Just right of center, two campers share a fire while their truck sits by, and that is where things get interesting. Looking to pounce on the unsuspecting duo are three bright red lemurs, while Kricfalusi inspired creatures emerge from the trees and forest floor. The ceiling tall trees are adorned with decorated birdhouses, provoking thoughts that the creatures are smarter than they look. A few critters have even broken away from the main forest, taking up residence in the crevices and corners around the room

The show opened on November 4th, with the Evo Times Infinity space filling up quickly with fans, friends, and family. Vinyl was spun, kegs tapped, and laughter shared. The show will be open for a month at Evo, which fittingly doubles as a ski/boarding sport store at 122 NW 36th St, Seattle, WA 98107. – Robbie Lowery

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