Andy Kehoe and Charlie Immer at Roq la Rue

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Andy Kehoe

Roq la Rue could not have planned a better month to showcase the new paintings of Andy Kehoe and Charlie Immer.  The work in Andy’s “Arise, Feral Night” is undoubtedly early fall material. Overcast skies and orange leaves, with creatures that could be from another world, or maybe hiding in the woods behind your house just waiting to surprise you. But I don’t think these creatures would harm anyone. They seem too content and contemplative in their surroundings. I think they just want a friend.

Just when the fellow Seattleites in attendance were pondering the facts that fall is upon us, which in Seattle, usually means nine months of dreariness, Charlie Immer’s “Bone Jiggle” exhibition (previewed here) kicks them out of the funk. Charlie’s work features some of the most disturbing and alarming scenarios, but the kaleidoscope of color somehow makes it okay. Maybe it’s the drippyness, which looks like they are sweating sugar, or the elongated arms that remind me of string licorice. So, despite eyes being removed from skinless skulls, and characters popping out of veins and arteries, I can’t help but think about sweets, with just a taste of sticky.

There might not be any tricks, but if you’re looking for a treat, make sure you check out the Andy Kehoe and Charlie Immer show at Roq la Rue in Seattle, WA.  It is open now through November 5th. – Robbie Lowery

Charlie Immer – “Moist Gallop”

Andy Kehoe – “Ancient Denizens of Peaks Forgotten”

Charlie Immer – “Slime Bones”

Andy Kehoe – “Dark and Light Radiate the Night”

Charlie Immer – “Slippery Removal”

Andy Kehoe – “Affinity to Unfamiliar Worlds”

Charlie Immer – “Confetti”

Andy Kehoe – “Bringing Forth the Tides of Night”

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