Studio Visit with Johannah O’Donnell

by Ken HarmanPosted on

“When we first opened Bold Hype in Orlando, for our grand opening show I was looking to get a mix of local, national, and international artists, that way we could bring something completely new but still support the local art scene. After scouting the local venues that host art shows, like cafes, bars, and shops, and doing some research online I picked a handful of my favorite Orlando artists to be in the opening show, Johannah O’Donnell being one of them.”

“After that, we kept showing Johannah’s work regularly in different group shows, and I noticed her work kept getting better and better with each show. Finally she submitted the piece “Different for Girls” and I loved it so much that I asked to officially be the gallery representing her work, she was more than happy to be a part of our roster, so I gave her a solo show, which is the one she is working on now.”

“We moved to NYC and opened Bold Hype up here, but my wife Shannon, the manager of Bold Hype, and I frequently take trips down to Florida to visit our families who still live there. On our last visit we stopped by Johannah’s studio to see what she’s been working on, take some photos and do a little interview!”

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