Studio Visit with Miss Van

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Since creating her poupee characters nearly two decades ago, Miss Van (HF Vol. 15) has developed an extensive vocabulary of moods—all communicated through the ultra-sensual, kitten-nosed females that populate her artworks. The Barcelona-based artist currently occupies herself experimenting with dry pastels and wooden installations as she prepares for upcoming exhibitions at Magda Danysz Gallery in Paris, the Museum of Contemporary Art in L.A, and Jonathan LeVine in NYC .

Filled with fuzzy textures and flesh-tone shades, Miss Van’s new series of drawings, “The Bunny Lover”, explores a more delicate side of her characters’ fantasy world. The series departs from the more sinister palette of black, ochre and dark brown she used for her “Twinkles” solo show, which debuts at Madga Danysz Gallery on March 19. Vintage photographs, prints and posters of full-figured beauty icons fill walls of Miss Van’s softly lit workspace. Whether exotic, theatrical or classic, the found images provide inspiration for the artist’s latest works, such as the poster currently in progress for Cirque du Soleil’s “SAFEWALLS” art project. Nastia Voynovskaya of Hi-Fructose visits Miss Van’s studio and surveys her new series, “The Bunny Lover” and “Twinkles,” below.

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