Dan Barry’s Subleties of Character

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Luis Lorenzana – Manila, Philippines

Austin, TX-based artist Dan Barry has put together an impressive group show debuting soon at Culver City’s WWA Gallery.  Entitled “Subtleties of Character” the international showing consists of a variety of Barry’s favorite artists (he’s an avid art collector in addition to being an artist himself) and interestingly enough was curated and compiled entirely through Facebook. As a nice teaser for the upcoming show, Barry managed to get pictures of many of the artists, hard at work in the respective studios. Get a peek into their spaces after the jump

Buddy Nestor – Delanco, New Jersey

Matt Dangler – Demarest, New Jersey


Ana Bagayan – Los Angeles, CA

Peggy Waters – Goeferdinge, Belgium

Jittagarn Kaewtinkoy – Bangkok, Thailand

Kim Scott – Sacramento, California

Richard J. Frost – Los Angeles, California

Edward Robin Coronel – Austin, Texas

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