Edwin Ushiro and Yoskay Yamamoto at Roq la Rue

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Edwin Ushiro – ‘To Counter Imponderability’

Opening tomorrow night at Seattle’s Roq la Rue Gallery is a joint show starring transplants Edwin Ushiro and Yoskay Yamamoto.  The two artists make their debut in ‘the Emerald City’ with an exciting showing that balances both innocence and heritage lost. We’ve managed to get a first-look at some of the works from the show, check them out here on Hi-Fructose.

Yoskay Yamamoto – ‘In My Attempt to Reach You’

Edwin Ushiro – ‘Rolling Atop Hills Knowing Full Well that Nothing Exists Beneath You’

Yoskay Yamamoto – ‘You Will Never Know my Aching Heart’

Edwin Ushiro – ‘Tingling Sensation of Adorable Reminisentia or Remorse’

Yoskay Yamamoto – ‘Hard to Breathe’

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