Yoshimoto Nara – Retrospective at Asia Society

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Since we last visited Yoshimoto Nara back in HF Vol. 11, the Japanese artist has made tremendous strides in both the prolific nature of his work as well as his popularity (perhaps eclipsed only by Japan’s favorite artistic import Murakami.) Our good friends over at Arrested Motion recently popped into the Park Avenue Armory to catch a glimpse at Nara’s upcoming retrospective at the Asia Society this coming September 9th. Featuring a variety of collaborative works with compatriot YNG, this preview provides a compelling glance into some of the works as well as the soon to be revisited “Home” installation, last seen in 2005.

As an added bonus, AM is giving away a couple invite packets, for more details on how to enter to win one, click here.

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