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Event Photos: Ray Caesar & Adam Wallcavage

(photos by Manuel Bello unless otherwise noted.)

Jonathan LeVine Gallery opened two incredible shows this past weekend with Ray Caesar in the main gallery and Adam Wallcavage in the project room.

In the main gallery was Ray Caesar’s, In The Garden of Moonlight which perfectly blended abnormal and bizarre styles of past present and future. The digital childlike innocence or lack thereof, created a dark contrast that can only be that of Ray Caesar. I was also impressed with Ray’s use of negative space this round, which is something I have not seen from him in the past.

In the project room Les Trésors de la Tanière de Neptune, by Adam Wallcavage was a magical fairy tale of adventure found in his trademark Octopus Chandeliers. The room was done up with tricked out wallpaper which staged a nice backdrop for these masterpieces. Both shows nicely compliment each other and are worth checking out.
-Manuel Bello

Ray Caesar photos (scroll further for photos of Adam Wallcavage’s work):


Metatron detail


Morning Glory

Metatron study


Eternity detail

Side Saddle study (* courtesy of Jonathan LeVine Gallery)

Nurture, (* courtesy of Jonathan LeVine Gallery)

Dark Angel, (* courtesy of Jonathan LeVine Gallery)

Adam Wallcavage photos:

Nina Simone

Spawn of the Argus and The Argus (center)

The Queen Anne’s Revenge Sconces


To see more of this exhibit on line, visit

To see more from Ray Caesar, visit

To see more from RAdam Wallcavage, visit

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