Preview: Marco Mazzoni and Andy Kehoe at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

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This Saturday, May 18, Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City will debut three solo shows: Andy Kehoe‘s “Luminous Reverie,” Marco Mazzoni‘s (HF Vol. 27) “Animanera” and Souther Salazar‘s “Souvenirs.” Known for his multi-layered painting technique, Andy Kehoe creates mysterious fantasy worlds with convincing depth by aggregating layers of resin painted with oil and acrylic. In his latest body of work, Kehoe offers glimpses into nocturnal storybook scenes that delve into mysticism and ritual. Kehoe experimented with sculptural elements in this series of resin boxes, submerging small polymer clay sculptures in the resin to further cultivate an illusion of space despite the works’ flat, illustrative style.

Marco Mazzoni (featured in a special sketchbook insert in our current issue) continues his exploration of the traditional relationship between women and nature in pagan cultures with his color pencil drawings. Paying tribute to midwifes and female healers persecuted for their knowledge of herbal medicine in early Christian times, Mazzoni also connects his latest body of work to contemporary themes. The title, “Animanera,” translates from Italian to “Black Soul” and is an allusion to the troubled political and economic situation in his home country of Italy.

Stay tuned for coverage of Souther Salazar’s “Souvenirs” and see all three shows May 18 through June 15.

Andy Kehoe:

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