The Enchanting Works of Redd Walitzki

by Kirsten AndersonPosted on

Seattle-based artist Redd Walitzki paints silkily sensual portraits of slightly-feral, fairytale women. Influenced by the old world Rococo flourishes of her native Bavaria, Redd creates intricate, swirling laser cut wood canvases whose flourishes echo the fluid use of paint and mixed-media materials within. Her darkly romantic subjects are often shown in moments of ecstasy and communion with the natural world. Her technicolor muses enact a dreamily erotic exploration of both the lure of fleeting modern day high fashion glamor (her subjects are often wearing luminous eye makeup and glossy lipstick) as well as the original meaning of the term glamor, which in ancient times referred to illusory shapeshifting used by supernatural beings to perilously enchant hapless humans. Redd’s work can be seen at San Francisco’s Modern Eden Gallery this upcoming May.

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