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When Rumney Guggenheim debuted his namesake New York gallery back in October, covered here, he followed in his great-grandmother's footsteps and chose a core group of young talents. Those artists included an internationally celebrated group of women: Olek (HF Vol. 29), Swoon (HF Vol. 36), Olivia Steele, AIKO, and Boxhead, whose personalities are as vivacious as their artwork. Rumney Guggenheim has brought them to Miami Art Week where they are exhibiting at the gallery's SCOPE Miami Beach booth and in a special exhibition curated by Art Bastion gallery, which celebrated its opening with a lecture and private reception last night.
Tonight, New York will welcome a new gallery into the art world with a name that should be familiar to most: Rumney Guggenheim is the great-grandson of the art collector Peggy Guggenheim, and the son of art dealer Sandro Rumney and Ralph Rumney, co-founder of the avante-garde organization, The Situationist International. The gallery's first show, "Some Place Like Home" follows in the footsteps of his family members in its choice of young artists known for their use of experimental materials: Olivia Steele, Boxhead, Swoon, Moral Turgeman, Olek, in collaboration with Integrated Vision's Michelle P. Dodson. Notably, all of them are women. Give the concept of "Home", their works express interpretations of domestic bliss and one's private space.

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