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Tag: Laetitia Soulier

Tonight, Mark Miller Gallery in New York celebrates what they call an anti-Santa event, "Beasticon II: Monstrous Art by Uncaged Creatures". Co-curators Lori Nelson and Antony Zito are painters who glorify the eccentricities of their subjects. At her website, Nelson says, "I became interested in the nature of the Beast. Has the myth of the half-man-half-beast persisted because we have always all felt its undeniable presence on some level? Where does the Beast dwell? What does the Beast do for a living? What does the Beast do for fun? Most importantly, what is the Beast?" She and Zito posed these questions to other artists including Laetitia Soulier, Jessicka Addams, Christina Pitsch, Eduardo Benedetto, Joshua Ben Longo, and more, who offer a range of paintings and sculpture.

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