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On Saturday night, Thinkspace celebrated Jacub Gagnon’s second solo exhibition at the gallery with “Worlds Collide” (previewed here). “My paintings become a space in which nature becomes unnatural, bordering surreal,” Gagnon shares. By leaving the surroundings of his royal animal subjects to the viewer’s imagination, the focus of his work becomes connectivity. In other words, Gagnon is inspired by the connection between human and animal relationships and mixes the two here. Gagnon begins his acrylic paintings with a black background, building the light and detail backwards until the final image is revealed. Details such as foxes wearing vintage teacups and bearded owls decorated with monarch butterflies are especially ornate.

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Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City is opening a solo show by Jacub Gagnon on June 21. Titled “Worlds Collide” this body of work is a step further in Gagnon’s exploration of his surrealist paintings that tell stories of animals, the way they interact and the way humans interact with them. The intersection of the human world and animal kingdom has always been the main focus of his work and with this show he pushes it further with new concepts and unseen characters.