Hi-Fructose Vol. 53 Preview!

by Andy SmithPosted on

Joseph Lee

The 53rd Volume of Hi-Fructose is coming soon! This issue features the paintings of Laurie Lee Brom, the mixed media works of Tanmaya Bingham, a retrospective on the art of Robert Proch, the woven sculptures of Sandra deGroot, Justin Lovato and the atomic soup of the natural universe, the psychedelic 8-bit inspired worlds of Jess Johnson, the art of Pissing People Off with sculptor David Cerny, the textural paintings of cover artist Joseph Lee, the prismatic tunnel vision of artist Jen Stark, plus a 16-page insert on the drawings of Nathan Reidt printed on toothy paper, and more! Reserve your copy here, or you can subscribe to our magazine with a one-year subscription or a two-year subscription.

Sandra deGroot

David Cerny

Laurie Lee Brom

Nathan Reidt

Tanmaya Bingham

Justin Lovato

Robert Proch

Joseph Lee

Jen Stark

Jess Johnson

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