Shaun Tan Offers ‘Untold Tales’ at Beinart Gallery

by Andy SmithPosted on

In a new show, two decades of work from the Australian illustrator-painter Shaun Tan are offered, spanning both his child-oriented characters and more mature narratives. “Untold Tales,” kicking off at Beinart Gallery on March 9 and running through the end of the month. Tan’s survey includes oil paintings, colored pencil and pen, pastel, and more.

“They collectively present a cross-section of narrative experiments exploring the fertile ground between childhood picture books and adult fables, each image suggesting a deeper story that is best left to unfold in the mind of the viewer: a family living happily in a skull, an unexpected dinner guest, a bird king, a lonely creature living in a bathroom, a portrait that’s also a landscape,” the gallery says. “These are strange and highly personal visions that speak of everyday, universal feelings, and they present a special insight into the broader working practices of one of the world’s most acclaimed illustrators.”

See more images from the show below.

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