The Multilayered Paintings of Slimen El Kamel

by Andy SmithPosted on

Slimen El Kamel’s transcendent paintings are informed by both memory and folklore. The Tunisia artist uses acrylics, embroidery, and other media to craft these multilayered works, each inviting the viewer to unpack his crowded visions. His painting have been said to question “social constraints and the absurdity of violence.”

“His more recent work considers the links between the human body and everyday consumable objects,” Sulger-Buel Gallery says. “El Kamel considers the ways in which virtual and lived reality hinge upon visual and auditory channels of communication. Through figurative, symbolic and abstract forms he creates at once a narrative unfolding on the canvas and a subtle critique of the effects of mass culture on traditional ways of life.”

See more of the painter’s work below.

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