Highlights from the 2019 L.A. Art Show

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Tens of thousands filed through the doors of the 2019 L.A. Art Show, which took over the Los Angeles Convention Center this past week. The 120-plus galleries and 18 countries represented brought several notable sights across the fair. You’ll see a few of those below.

Justin Bower

Kazuhiro Tsuji

Lauren Ys

Among the artists shown in the lowbrow- and pop-themed section Littletopia was Hi-Fructose co-founder Attaboy. He brought his “Cradle of Life” ‘shroom-throne installation, which garnered many riders throughout the duration of fair. Attaboy also showed other recent works, depicting decomposing, yet vibrant lifeforms—and he hid some of them in the Los Angeles area in another edition of the “Game of Shrooms.”

Attaboy and Caro, Littletopia curator and Hi-Fructose contributor

Adrian Cox

Other Littletopia installations included work from Brandi Milne, Pip and Pop, and Camilla Garcia.

See other works and sights from the fair:

Ron English

Tony South

Denis Sarazhin

Amanda L. Greive


Martin Spei

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