Rodel Tapaya’s Paintings Offer ‘Myths and Truths’

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Painter Rodel Tapaya ties the current social climate of the Philippines to the mythology of the past. In a recent show at Tang Contemporary, Tapaya offered new paintings with “Myths and Truths.” The surrealist images touch on evironmental and political images, in a variety of scales in this recent body of work.

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🌴 . Born 1980, Rodel Tapaya lives and works in Bulacan, Philippines and is considered one of the most important Filipino painters of his generation and one of the most active artists working in Southeast Asia today. In his work, he conveys important stories of his country, the people and topical local societal issues from the Philippines that intertwine traditional storytelling within a contemporary context. As all great storytellers do, he draws connections between the imagined and the real, history and the present day, and myth and current events. As a figurative painter, Tapaya’s intriguing literary-based compositions transcend beyond their local context to universal situations. “Myths and Truths: Recent Work by Rodel Tapaya” now on view at @tangcontemporaryart Center Beijing Space II. . . 罗德尔·塔帕雅(Rodel Tapaya)生于1980 年,现在菲律宾布拉干省(Bulacan)工作和生活。他将传统故事的叙述置于当代语境之中,在讲述该国神话故事的同时,反映菲律宾人民的面貌和时事社会问题。他善于将想象与现实、过往与现在、神话与时事联系在一起,体现出高超的故事叙述水平。 作为一名具象派画家,塔帕雅的创作源自文学作品,这使他的艺术跳脱了当地语境的局限,释放出全球性的影响力。《神话与真理:罗德尔·塔帕雅(Rodel Tapaya)新作展》目前正在#当代唐人艺术中心 北京第二空间呈现。 #mythsandtruths #rodeltapaya #tangcontemporaryart #filipinopainters #philippines #folktale #montage #tradition #myths #landscapes #mexicanmuralists #fridakahlo #galleryweekendbeijing #exhibition #contemporaryart #798artzone #798artdistrict

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“Utilising a range of media — from large acrylic on canvasses to an exploration of under-glass painting, traditional crafts, diorama, and drawing —Tapaya filters his observations of the world through folktales and pre-colonial historical research, creating whimsical montages of his characters,” the gallery says. “Each work has its origin in Tapaya’s reflections on a particular time or place that possesses an enduring resonance, from its correspondence with the formalistic and psychological implication of the grid in his earlier works to protracted ventures which excavate and interpret myth and folk aesthetics”

See more of his work, including his sculptures, below.

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Rodel Tapaya at @avant_auctions (25 November 2018)

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