Disturbed, Figurative Ceramic Sculptures by Lars Calmar

by Andy SmithPosted on

Lars Calmar’s figures, often bare and grotesque, carry a humanity that feels at once humorous and sincerely tortured. Even when using animals alongside his baby-like creatures and hulking brutes, the ceramic works feel as wholly human, though primal, in emotion. The artist’s sculptures have been shown in galleries and museums across the world.

“Lars Calmar is a storyteller – with a twist of weirdness,” says a statement from Bruno Dahl Gallery. “His ceramic sculptures appear as stories and portraits from the physical and bodily universe. In the work with the ceramic he gives the sculptures a raw and crackled surface, and his work gets life and dimensions of time, character and history. The sculptures are a bit grotesque and points quietly at the inevitable and naked of human life, and contain a peculiar and remarkable mix of scathing humour and seriousness.”

See more of the artist’s work below.

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