Dr. Propolus Adds Flourishes to Fashion Spreads

by Andy SmithPosted on

Dr. Propolus is the moniker of Austrian-Moroccan illustrator and filmmaker Ilias Walchshofer, who is based in Berlin. The artist takes found fashion spread and celebrity photography and adds flourishes of humor and intricate accessories with his signature black and white linework. Whether adding woodland animals, extra clothing, or something mythical in nature, these additions often change the entire tone of each original piece.

The artist’s ongoing project is rooted in another satirical series, called #tittietuesday, in which he posted nudes on Instagram with accompanying quotes. After his account was deleted, he started #conservativetuesday, in which the artist once again posted nudes, but this time, he drew on them in ways that deemed them acceptable. His work then evolved into what it is now.

The artist recently talked to the magazine The Commission about not typically using his own photography to create new works, saying, “I like to browse through photos and then start drawing. In a sense the process is very collage-like, which is something spontaneous, not deliberately planned. I like to keep it that way.”

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