Anatomically Inspired Soft Sculptures by Karine Jollet

by Margot BuermannPosted on

Karine Jollet‘s collection of brains, hearts and skulls sounds like something out of a scary film – but her creations are far from gruesome. Rather, her anatomically inspired soft sculptures appear dreamy and elegant. “Observing anatomy fills me with wonder and respect,” the artist writes on her website, “In my eyes, there is nothing morbid in anatomy; I can only see the beauty and wonderful complexity of forms and vital functions.”

Jollet stitches her designs from recycled fabrics, then embellishes them with lace, pearls, satin and embroidery. Among her favorite materials are old bed sheets, handkerchiefs, and other second-hand fabrics. The artist then cuts her materials into fragments, fills them with polyester and hand sews them back together to form the lifelike body parts. White is a deliberate choice in color for the artist, who says that “white evokes a world beyond the visible, beyond the living space of unity and purity. White is a basis on which these sculptures can be connected together.”

Karine Jollet is based in Paris, France. View more of her sculptures on her Flickr.

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