Marion Peck Debuts New Drawings and Paintings in Paris Solo

by CaroPosted on

One of the leading ladies of Pop Surrealism, California based artist Marion Peck populates her dreamlike paintings with strange, cute creatures. As her magical landscapes unfold, an uneasy melancholy seems to fill the air. First featured on our blog and in print, Peck’s work mines the depths of art history, popular culture with references ranging from Pieter Bruegel to Holly Hobbie.

Marion Peck recently debuted never before seen paintings and drawings in her solo show at Magda Danysz Gallery in Paris, created in bright colors and with the execution of old masters. Her latest artworks are full of fantasy, dreamed landscapes, inhabited by circus creatures, fluffy characters or noble ladies: young children attend a nighttime amusement park and play in their nursery with their hybrid animal friends, while other works like her “Chicken Lady” offer a humorous and slightly disturbing contemporary twist on traditional portraiture.

Peck recently shared: “If there is a narrative to emerge from my paintings, I hope it would be just like a very short poem. I imagine my characters as ones speaking slowly, carefully and quietly, not hiding their hesitations or even stumbling. Their awkwardness is, to me, a part of their personalities.”

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