Preview: Ai Weiwei’s “Ruptures” at Faurschou Foundation

by CaroPosted on

As of 2014, Contemporary artist and activist Ai Weiwei (previously covered here) remains under restrictions of movement- but he continues to criticize the Chinese regime through his art. Opening tomorrow, the Faurschou Foundation Copenhagen in Denmark will showcase some of his most notable pieces to date, including new sculptures, with “Ruptures.” The exhibition is named for the rupture in Weiwei’s career by the Chinese government, while showcasing the staying power of his work. Notably, a small version of his “Sunflower Seeds” installation is featured alongside repurposed wood from Buddhist temples, destroyed during China’s Cultural Revolution in the 1960s. The life-sized sunflower seeds are actually hand-crafted in porcelain, in stark contrast to the harsh reality of the temples’ ruins. Another one of Weiwei’s most well known works on display is “Straight”. This piece also reuses materials, from collapsed schoolhouses during the 2008 Sichuan earthquake which have been hammered ‘straight’. Weiwei consistently confronts the viewer with tragedy, concerned over our ability to move on as if these events never took place. While Weiwei is still under strict surveillance, curatorial projects like this collection exhibit the endurance of his art in the face of scrutiny and detention.

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