Ben Smith’s Whimsical “Flux” Painting Series

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Australian artist Ben Smith’s take on portraiture is loose and impressionistic, adhering to the classical tradition of figure painting. Yet his latest series, titled “Flux,” pops with candy-colored hues — the artificial colors that bleed into our lives by way of mass-produced products and media. The teals and violets add a playful quality to the work, accentuated by the surreal creatures he introduces into his whimsical scenarios. A miniature albino lion in one piece looks like it would make for an excellent viral pet video if it were a real animal; in another painting, a two-headed horse presents a perplexing and ultimately disturbing anatomical riddle. Tying together various threads in the world around him, Smith creates imaginative vignettes that engage the senses.

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