Opening Night: Tiffany Bozic’s “Sense of Wonder” at FFDG

by Jessica RossPosted on

Drawing from both nature and her fervent imagination, Tiffany Bozic’s new solo show, “Sense of Wonder” at FFDG in San Francisco, combines true-to-life anatomical renderings of nature while remaining devotedly surreal. Her new body of work features a dynamic range of clustered specimens that bear a kind of storybook whimsy. Working with a complex process of layering watered-down acrylics, Bozic is able to collaborate with the natural maple panels on which she paints to achieve an organic yet controlled composition. Dreamy yet scientific, her work deals with her own autobiographical issues of life’s struggles and triumphs portrayed through her metaphorical organisms. Tiffany Bozic lives and works out of her small cottage home in Marin county, among a blanket of California redwood trees. “Sense of Wonder” is on view at FFDG until November 16.

Tiffany Bozic with her work

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