Lo Chan Peng’s Oil Paintings of Haunting Muses

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

When viewing Taiwanese artist Lo Chan Peng’s body of work, the artist’s devotion to his specific subjects becomes immediately apparent. Lo will do numerous iterations of the same work, almost like multiple photo takes for a fashion editorial, rendering the same model from various angles and exploring the visual richness of her often-elaborate costume. Except these renditions are not quick sketches, but fully-fledged oil-on-canvas paintings that often span one, if not two, meters in each direction. Lo’s work straddles the boundary between beauty and disgust. His doe-eyed vixens dazzle with pop star good looks, but upon closer inspection, their blue veins, visible wounds and glazed-over eyes reveal the work’s disturbing dimension. Take a look at Lo Chan Peng’s recent oil paintings below.


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