The Multiple Dualities of Photographer and Painter Charlotte Caron

by Jane KenoyerPosted on

Charlotte Caron is an artist that has created a visual language to represent multiple dualities. Her work is a combination of photography and painting that deals primarily with human and animal forms. Caron simultaneously represents the humanization of animals and the animalization of humans. Evoking the imagined animal in all of us she extends that fantasy and freezes it into a classical portrait. The way that Caron is blurring the line between the mediums of photography and painting results in the loss of the identity of the sitter and creates a deeper meaning of the representation of a masked photograph.

In place of personal identity the artist has left the viewer with mystery and illusion. By adding animal faces onto a classical portrait (sitting upright taken in front of a typical white background) instead of a natural fauna setting these photo-paintings depict the humanization of animals more strongly than the animalization of humans.

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