Tessar Lo’s ‘past, present, past-present’

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Tomorrow, Friday March 30th, Cooper Cole Gallery in Toronto (formerly Show and Tell gallery) will debut the latest body of work by artist Tessar Lo. Entitled ‘past, present, past-present,’ Lo’s dreamy and expressionistic paintings seem to merge the subconscious with waking life, an endless and fragmented amalgamation of thoughts, instinct and feeling rife with symbolism. Portrayed with a palate that is simultaneously subdued and explosive, Lo’s work appears to easily accomplish what most artists strive for, a free flowing look into both the undercurrents of his mind and the whimsical nature of his heart. Get a look at the new work, as well as the new sculptural edition who’s release coincides with the opening, below. – Ken Harman

product images courtesy of Alice Lo

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