Ryan de la Hoz and Kylea Borges at StumbleUpon

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Kylea Borges

The art scene in San Francisco is often defined by its unique voice (starting with the Mission School and its contemporary offshoots) and close relationship with Silicon Valley startups (ie: the highly publicized relationship between Facebook and David Choe.) When corporate sponsorship, money and art combine it’s usually a recipe for disaster, but the Bay Area model has typically worked more so as one of patronage than patronizing. The folks over at StumbleUpon having been hosting private art shows at their SF offices, displaying and purchasing the works of various local artists and tastemakers. Most recently, Ryan de la Hoz and Kylea Borges brought their unique abstract, geometric and patterned collages to the new Soma offices. Get a look at some of the works now on view, here on Hi-Fructose. – Ken Harman

Ryan de la Hoz

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