Cleon Peterson and Bill McRight at Guerrero Gallery

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Cleon Peterson

Now on view at Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco is a dual showing by Los Angeles-based artists Cleon Peterson and Bill McRight. Though presented as two separate solo shows, Peterson’s ‘The Brinksman’ and McRight’s ‘When You Get Power’ form a cohesive and unifying viewing experience through immersion and shock. Peterson’s work, which we last covered here, continues on his apocalyptic and anarchist dystopian worldview, tackling issues of “the other” in a violent and abrasive critique of human nature and the Western world. McRight’s homemade shivs and crafted weapons compliment Peterson’s paintings with a more hands on approach. When we last saw McRight’s work alongside AJ Fosik (here) it evoked images of tribal hunters in search of their prey, in this setting however a new light is cast upon the weapons as tools of societal collapse. Both shows are on view until April 7th, 2012, highly recommended. – Ken Harman

Bill McRight

artist Bill McRight in his installation

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