The Art of Adam Sorensen

by Kirsten AndersonPosted on

Alongside the epic resurgence of non-traditional figurative and narrative art, the time honored tradition of landscape painting has morphed quietly itself, producing a sub genre of artists who create works of serene yet semi-apocalyptic landscapes, such as Jean-Pierre Roy (HF Vol.18) and Gregory Euclide (HF Vol.17) for example, an emotional tug of war between the longing for the diminishing natural world versus a painful look at what seems destined to be. Portland painter Adam Sorensen falls within this category, with his imaginary worlds of crystalline structures and bright irradiated colors contrasting with smooth, lava flow dark bumps and luminous waterfalls. Oddly cheerful in it’s otherworldly- ness, the work invokes the idea of a melted, post-mankind landscape and gives the landscapes their star turn as seemingly sentient personalities of their own. See more below. -Kirsten Anderson

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