The Art of Jonas Burgert

by JL SchnabelPosted on

Joining a lingering threat of doom with injections of vivid color, Berlin based artist Jonas Burgert captures a world in which its inhabitants are collected in troupes. Costumed in ribbons of colors that evoke the circus and jubilance, the figures appear to be part of a tribe always engaging in movement, whether walking through paint splattered hallways, hanging from tree limbs or struggling to not be swallowed up by ominous sink holes. This movement suggests an anxious narrative, as the figures appear to either be surviving or readying themselves for battle. The contrast of the bleak tones used for the landscapes and the surges of neon worn on both the figures as well as their accouterments adds an intriguing element of whimsy to otherwise bleak portrayals of an imagined world not so far off from our own.  View more of the works below.

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