New Works by Mark Warren Jacques

by Ken HarmanPosted on

In the latest body of work by Portlandian artist Mark Warren Jacques (who we last saw here), the golden rules of geometry meld seamlessly with mystical constellations in a ven diagram of superb draftsmanship and color theory. Technically, the work is fantastic, ink and acrylic so sharply laid out so as to appear computer generated, but not simply an exercise in clean lines. Behind the prismatic colors and perfect angles lies deeper meanings, the upcoming birth of a new child looms on the artist’s horizon, much as the sun seen in the work, “To Undream a Dream,” with the overarching body of work finding solace in the future through various elements coming together to create new forms, colors and shapes. ‘Something About Everything About Something will be on view at San Francisco’s White Walls gallery until January 7th, get a look at some of our favorite pieces from the exhibit below.

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