Brazilian Mural Artist Eduardo Kobra

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Brazilian muralist Eduardo Kobra is know for creating large-scale colorful murals infused with rainbow patterns that catch the eye. His photorealistic murals are detailed representations of eras past. These historic images are pulled from vintage photographs that evoke a sense of memory and nostalgia for the viewer. The scale and placement of these murals creates the illusion that one could pass through the kaleidoscopic rainbow and be standing in a different place and time on the streets beyond.

Kobra likes to explore the more historic areas of the city he is representing. He visits museums and library archives as he tries to get an impression of the unique city’s history before starting a project. Kobra’s murals are a combination of different techniques including painting with brushes, airbrush and aerosol cans. These different approaches are determined by the size and surface that he works on.

Very recently Kobra and his crew of painters finished a large scale mural of Keystone, South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore at Los Angeles’ Brea’s graffiti mural wall. This project at 1255 La Brea Ave, Los Angeles began after Kobra was invited by graffiti artist Mr. Brainwash to paint over his existing mural, a mouse and the words Follow Our Dreams. They quickly set to work removing Mr. Brainwash’s graffiti off the wall to make way for the patriotic mural which was unveiled for Independence Day on the 4th of July.

“My work nowadays is based on the use of old images of the cities I am painting. I visit museums, check the books and from there I come up with some images from the 20s or the 30s that show the architecture of the city. The idea of the murals is to recreate a city that no longer exists, do people who didn’t live in that time can see it and those who did live back then can have a moment of memory or nostalgia.” – Quote by Eduardo Kobra durring an interview on






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